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Samurai Speed GT-R Not Dead, Minor Damage Afterall

April 18, 2009


The “big bang”, everyone’s heard about someone who’s done it, or done it themselves, launched their highly tuned car down the drag strip and bang. Sometimes it’s an engine, sometimes it’s a drive shaft, it’s always sad though and you never get to drive the car home. The long wait for a truck and the mental calculations that don’t stop about what exactly failed and how many thousands of bucks is it going to take to fix.

When Samurai Speed headed out to the track on Wednesday night they were able to run consistently in the 10.5’s but it wasn’t enough. On the last run of the night they decided to go all out, a 150 shot of nitrous was rigged and it was on.

Shortly after launch there was a bang and the worst was feared, the car was trucked back to Samurai Speed’s workshop for inspection and if needed, tear down.

Good news though, after inspection the engine lives on in good health, the big bang heard after launch was the sound of the flywheel housing being destroyed by the engines torque. A new housing has been ordered from Nissan. Other minor damage was caused to the exhaust but John from Samurai Speed reckons for less than $1,800 in parts the car will be back on the road.

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