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Reality Check – GT-R Maintenance Costs Not So Bad

August 28, 2008

A lot of fear, uncertainty and doubt abounded prior to the Nissan GT-R’s US debut in July. The internet was buzzing with the rumours and gossip that servicing fees were going to be astronomical. Basic things like regular services were going to be in the high three figures?! Ouch.

The reality is that this is simply not working out to be fact. Regular readers have been following along as former Corvette Z06 owner Scott from Boston has been tracking his GT-R and giving NAGTROC readers regular updates. So after a few track outings and hours of actual track time he decided to pay a visit to his dealer for a post-circuit inspection.

The inspection itself ran to $300 and included:

  • DSG clutch pack adjustment
  • Transmission reset/relearn
  • ECU check/reset
  • Laser alignment
  • Engine balance check
  • Fluid checks

Not a bad deal considering the peace of mind after thrashing it at the track. Additional service items on top of this were also performed, you can check those out in the NAGTROC thread linked below. Suffice to say some things are still costly but overall not as bad as expected.

Link:NAGTROC Post Track Maintenance Thread

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