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Rays Put New Face on Volk TE37 – TE37 Generation 2

November 10, 2008

Rays venerable Volk TE37, the premier racing wheel used in everything from rally to SuperGT from tough Skyline GT-Rs to street Honda Vitz, is getting a facelift in 2008 with the release of the TE37 G2 series of wheels. Due out shortly from Rays Volk these forged aluminium monoblock construction wheels will be available in a range of colours and sizes up to 20″.

The wheels made their international public debut on the Mine’s Nissan GT-R at SEMA recently where these photos were taken but word has been getting around under covers for a while now.

We have seen a TE37 like wheel on the GT-R before in the guise of the Nismo Clubsport, Tokachi Endurance GT-R and Nissan Spec-V wheel but official nomenclature had not been confirmed and the look left a lot to desire in some critics eyes. These wheels suit the new GT-R’s offset a lot more but is it blasphemy to use the iconic TE37 name on this newcomer?

To be honest I love the look of them on the Mine’s car.

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