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R35 GT-R Parts Prices Getting Around. Youch.

December 14, 2007

Japanese bloggers have been finding out and talking about the prices for parts for the R35 GT-R and youch.

Engine Assembly: 3.2 million yen ($32,000 AUD)
Front Wheel: 149,000 yen ($1,500 AUD) each
Rear Wheel: 150,000 yen ($1,500 AUD) each
Transaxle Assy: 1,600,000 yen ($16,000 AUD)
Front Caliper and Rotor: 480,000 yen ($4,800 AUD) each
Front Brake Pad: 80,000 yen ($800 AUD) each
Floor Mats: 130,000 yen ($1300 AUD) per set

So that engine and wheel upgrade for your 32 GTR might have to be put off for a couple of months while you save up a bit more…

Compare that to the going rate for an RB26 new from Nissan which is about half that for an N1 RB26. I’m sure you cannot really compare RB26 apples to VR38 oranges but it’s all in good fun.

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