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R35 GT-R Club Meeting: Hakone Enkai Night With Special Guests

December 2, 2008

Nismo Festival wasn’t the only hot ticket outing on over the weekend, the R35 GT-R Club of Japan held an enkai style party at the Dai Hakone Hotel in Kanagawa, Japan as well on Saturday night.

Members were invited along for a meet and greet and banquet followed of course by some serious car talk and drinking. GTRBlog was also kindly invited to attend the function (no gatecrashers allowed!) and so along we went and took some photos.

A highlight was the special guest star who made an appearance. Junpei Okamura-san from Nismo, famous for leading many racing projects over the years but most recently heading up the development of the Nismo ClubSport Package R35 GT-R, attended the meeting bringing along the official Nismo Clubsport Package brochures for everyone.

Okamura-san was kind enough to bring along the very first Nismo Clubsport Package demo car to the meeting for us to get hands on with. So we did, we also got a nice sound clip / video of the exhaust so you can hear what a 1,890,000 yen exhaust sounds like.

Check after the jump for the continuation of the photographs from Saturday’s meet as well as to see the video of the exhaust note.

Thanks to Ado-san, head of the R35 GT-R Club for the invite and to Shin-san from The GT-R Owners Club of Japan / GTR-World.net for driving us around!

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