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R35 GT-R Brakes – A Comprehensive Look from Endless USA

August 7, 2008

are already well into the R35 GT-R brakes market worldwide with their brake caliper kits and brake pad upgrades. So you know that they’ve done their homework. Dom from Endless USA is no exception and has been putting a lot of effort in lately on R35 brake solutions.

He has posted up a good chunk of info over on his blog regarding both the OEM Brembos, their strength’s and weeknesses and also the Endless range of calipers, pads and fluid and it’s strengths. Dom also mentions the Endless ME20 track spec brake pads that are coming out soon for the OEM Brembos.

The ME20 brake pads have an ideal temp range of 300 – 800 degrees C and a friction coefficient of 0.35 – 0.40. They’re also conveniently available for pre-order over at GT-RR.com.

If you’re planning on tracking or racing your GT-R and you haven’t thought about brakes yet, you need to read this article. Even if you have thought about brakes take a look.

Link: The (sort of) Comprehensive R35 GTR Brakes Post
Source: Endless USA via Dom’s Blog

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