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Prototech ECU for Nissan R35 GT-R

July 23, 2008

US GT-R owners need not turn to Japanese origin ECU upgrades now as US based firm Prototech enter the market with two ECU upgrades for Nissan R35 GT-R. Just two weeks since the first USDM deliveries Prototech have cracked and polished the first of two versions of their USDM ECU upgrade.

The stage 1 upgrade is a light tune with slightly revised fuel, ignition and timing maps. It also slightly raises the boost. It’s designed for GT-Rs with an exhaust and intake freed up. Power gains are solid from such a simple upgrade and it offers 50 hp more and torque is up 90 lbft over standard. This kit is available right now.

A second, more hardcore ECU upgrade is planned to be available soon able to cope with more serious bolt ons like turbo kits and injectors.

Link: Prototech Stage 1 ECU for USDM Nissan R35 GT-R – Buy it online at SpeedForSale.com
Source: Jeremy from NissanGTRClub.com

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