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Pro Stock Racing R35 GT-R Tuning Parts

August 16, 2008

Pro Stock Racing, based in Misato, Saitama, Japan has produced a good range of original and packaged aftermarket parts for the R35 GT-R.

Let’s start off with their packaged PSR RDD big rotor kits. Identical to the Mine’s big brake kit these rotors from RDD come in 400mm sizes front and back. Priced at 240,000 yen per front set and 255,000 yen rear they also share their price tag with the Mine’s items.

Next up is their PSR Sports Catalyzer hi flow cat system. Built from stainless steel this system is priced at 228,000 yen. Then we have the PSR spec Ohlins coilover package devloped for the R35, not too many details on this but the price is 461,500 yen. Ohlins make great suspension so it’s not a bad price really.

Last but not least is the Pro Stock Racing range of original carbon parts. We have a carbon canard set for the front and a carbon lip for the rear spoiler. 68,250 yen for the canards and 50,400 yen for the spoiler lip.

Pro Stock were also recently at the Tokyo Tuning Powers 2008 show. We have this photo from Auto Otaku of their GT-R on the day.

Link: Pro Stock Racing Website