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PowerCraft Exhaust Parts for the Nissan GT-R

September 17, 2009


It takes a lot to stand out from the crowded Nissan GT-R exhaust market these days with a new system release just about every week. PowerCraft have something a little different here though which makes it more newsworthy. Their Hybrid Exhaust System is designed to unleash the engine note when you want it but keep it quiet when you dont. The electronically activated valve system can be engaged to bypass the main muffler.

Manufactured in SUS304 stainless steel it features a 80mm main pipe diameter feeding 60.5mm tail sections with 115mm titanium outlets. The price from the cat back system is 393,750 yen or thereabouts.

Powercraft also have released high flow cat converter mid-pipes (189,000 yen), straight de-cat mid-pipes (86,100 yen) and primary de-cat turbine outlet pipes (99,750 yen). Each is also manufactured in SUS304 stainless steel.

The PowerCraft exhaust systems should be available from any stockist of Abflug parts.

Source: GTR-World.net