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Power House Amuse Updates

July 5, 2008

The Power House Amuse Phantom R35 GT-R has been getting around for a while now and is widely recognised as being the most powerful example of a tuned R35 so far. Making around 611ps their GT-R has cracked into the 59’s around Tsukuba circuit and is in fact just a whisker away from the 58 second mark. Power House Amuse has now updated their website with details on many of the new products fitted to their Phantom GT-R including pricing and photos.

Hi Tech ROM

First up is the Amuse ECU reflash. Amuse have cracked the GT-Rs ECU and produced a selection of basic reflashes depending on your goal. The first of these is the Hi TECH-ROM BBL. With an RRP of 138,000 yen ($1,300 USD) this ECU features:

  • Boost increased to 0.85 kg/cm² up from 0.75 kg/cm² in the mid range
  • Boost at high RPM increased to 0.8 kg/cm² up from 0.60 kg/cm² standard
  • Fuel and ignition maps tuned – May be tuned to take into account non-standard exhaust
  • Electronic throttle modified to increase low end response
  • CVTC tuned for more mid range torque
  • RPM Limiter raised to 7200rpm
  • Speed Limiter removed

Source: Power House Amuse via Chuck from NAGTROC

Next is the Hi TECH-ROM HBL model. For a little bit more money (158,000 yen / $1,500 USD this time) you get a two mode boost controller installed on top of all the Hi TECH-ROM BBL features. The boost controller has two modes:

  • A – Standard operation. 0.85 kg/cm² – 0.8 kg/cm² as described in the BBL section
  • B – 0.85 kg/cm² in the low-mid range with an increase to 0.95 – 1.05 kg/cm² at high RPM

This dual mode boost control is designed to maintain the durability of the transmission as peak torque comes after the clutches are already fully engaged. With this setup over 500ps is easily achievable and Amuse say 570ps is doable with their full exhaust system.

R1 Titan Extra STTI Exhaust

Priced at 398,000 yen ($3,900 USD) this exhaust (8.9kg) shaves 8.5kg off the weight of the stock cat-back exhaust system while improving flow and looking awesome at the same time.

There is also an R1-TITAN-RS-SILENT-STTI for those who need to not be waking up the neighbors every time they come home. The silent version weighs in a little heavier at 9.6 kg but this still a weight saving over stock. While it remains silent, this exhaust is good for up to 560ps! It can be had for around 418,000 yen ($4,100 USD).


Power House Amuse have also come out with a range of sports catalytic converters/front pipes for various applications. The RS, SILENT and normal models. The RS is the lightest of the three weighing just 5.9kg (13.4kg standard) and costing the least at just 298,000 yen ($2,900 USD). The SILENT version is obviously a bit heavier (9.0kg) and costs a bit more retailing around 348,000 yen ($3,400 USD).

The regular model is the most expensive and heaviest of the lot at 9.35kg and 368,000 yen ($3,600 USD) but is supposed to offer the longest lifespan.


These straight pipes eliminate two of the standard catalytic converters and weigh a lot less than their catalytic converter equipped counterparts above. Of course these aren’t street legal. They come in three flavours – a lightweight model (2.3kg, 198,000 yen, $1,900 USD), a model compatible with Power House Amuse’s R1000-No1 Turbine Outlets (3.3kg, 238,000 yen, $2,300 USD) and a SILENT model (7.2kg, 298,000 yen, $2,900USD).


These dump pipes delete the other two catalytic converters normally attached to the turbochargers and save some weight in the process. 4.3kg versus the 10.3kg of the standard pipes. These are priced at 198,000 yen ($1,900 USD).


Amuse have done a great job here of taking the standard Bilstein suspension and adding the ability to change springs out and raise/lower the ride height. The kit includes springs, strut tops, height adjusting collars and new rubber bump stops. Priced at 248,000 yen ($2,400 USD) its a good amount cheaper than aftermarket coilovers.


A big part of the Amuse Phantom GT-R is the look. Much of this is created with unique aero parts such as the front diffuser. You can now buy this at the reasonable price of 158,000 yen ($1,500 USD). It even saves weight (0.4kg lighter than stock) while providing ample downforce.


The big money is in carbon fiber though and this rear wing is going to break the bank coming in at 480,000 yen ($4,800 USD). It’s unique look is sure to set you apart and added downforce is always good right.

This saves a load of weight by removing heaps of cash from your wallet.

That’s it for this update from Amuse! Don’t forget to check out their website in all it’s glory at the link below. Thanks to Chuck from NAGTROC for emailing us this the other day.

Link: Power House Amuse website