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Power Enterprise GT-R Tuning Parts Priced

February 27, 2009

One of the stars of Tokyo AutoSalon earlier this year was Power Enterprise with their outrageous range of GT-R tuning parts. Throwing the book away they took the twin charging concept and unleashed it on the GT-R twice to come up with the Power Enterprise Four Charger Nissan GT-R with two turbos and two superchargers.

Regular readers will remember the mini debate over the seriousness of this setup but when we interviewed Power Enterprise in January we found that this was no joke.

Development has continued since then and now, for those of us ready to shop we have pricing on some of their gear. Without further ado here it is:

  • Power Enterprise Titanium Muffler: 466,000 yen
  • Power Enterprise Silicon Hose Kit: 158,000 yen
  • Power Enterprise Air Impulse II Kit: 52,000 yen
  • Power Enterprise Air Impulse II Carbon Cover Kit: 47,600 yen
  • Power Enterprise Air Impulse II & Carbon Cover Kit: 95,000 yen

For those interested in tuned kits put together to meet a certain power goal, Power Enterprise also released the 530R, 560R and 600R kits to meet 530ps, 560ps and 600ps goals respectively. The contents of the kits and pricing follows:

  • 530R Kit: Featuring a tuned P-Map BB device, this kit costs 157,000 yen and nets you a 10% power increase with a 16% midrange torque increase with no additional modifications.
  • 560R Kit: Adding on to the 530R kit, the 560R kit gets you the Air Impulse II plus carbon cover kit and the Silicon Intake Piping kit. The result is a 16% power gain and a 23% midrange torque improvement. This kit costs 367,500 yen
  • 600R Kit: Last but not least, the 600R kit adds again to the 560R kit with the Super Sonic Titanium muffler and the Power Enterprise upgraded wastegate actuators. Gains are 25% more power over standard and 28% more torque. Cost is 997,500 yen.

And as for the Power Enterprise Upgraded Actuators by themselves we saw at Tokyo AutoSalon, while a price is not fixed yet we can expect one around the 100,000 yen mark. The Four Charger kit itself is still aimed around the 1,500,000 yen region as expected.

Click through the jump to see a collection of updated photos of the parts as well as dyno graphs of each of the kits.

Thanks to Ben @ GTR23.com / GTC Racing for the update!.

Link/Source: GTR23.com
Link: Power Enterprise Website

Power Enterprise 530R Kit:

Power Enterprise 560R Kit:

Power Enterprise 600R Kit:

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