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Power Enterprise Announce GT-R Tuning Lineup

December 27, 2008

Power Enterprise has been quiet on the GT-R tuning front until now. This week they break their silence and announce their product lineup including one new development that pushes the boundaries of what has been achieved so far.

First up in the range is the 35GTR 560HP kit. This includes the Power Enterprise P-Map ECU, PWR Air Impulse II air filters and intake piping kit. Obviously, this kit is good for 560hp when fitted to a standard GT-R.

Next is the 35GTR 600HP kit which features again, the P-Map ECU, PWR Air Impulse II air filters and intake piping kit. It also adds the PWR Supersonic Titanium 89mm diameter exhaust, and upgraded wastegate actuators.

Power Enterprise also have another secret project they’ve been working on to be shown at Tokyo AutoSalon in January, the Power Enterprise Four Charger System. What they’ve done here is add a pair (that’s right – two) of Rotrex C30-94 superchargers to the already twin-turbo VR38DETT making this a twin-twin-charged setup. VR38DETTRR right!?

Supporting the twin-twin-charged engine setup is upgraded PWR 650cc fuel injectors, a 35GTR 600HP kit as well as a few other custom items. Good for 650hp it’s designed for maximum mid-range torque for circuit time attack work.

The demo car will be at Tokyo AutoSalon from Friday 9th of January, GTRBlog will be there to get some more details and photos of the car so stay tuned for that.

Thanks to Ian from GTRCenter.net for the tip.

Link: Power Enterprise USA
Link: Power Enterprise Japan – R35 GT-R Tokyo AutoSalon Demo Car