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Porsche Has a Cry About It

September 30, 2008

In a rare outburst of public emotion, a Porsche 911 spokesman August Achleitner has openly wept to the media recently at the Australian press preview of the latest Porsche Cabrio. Specifically they called Nissan Motors a “big meany” and “a no good dirty cheater” when confronted about the enormity of the whooping they received at the Nurburgring in their home country Germany by the GT-R.

When asked “WTF?” they claimed they had purchased a GT-R themselves to test at the famous Nordschleife. A Porsche engineer could not manage to get the car to change out of 3rd gear and only managed a time of 7.54 seconds.

In between fits of heavy weeping and moaning they also claimed that every other test the GT-R had beaten the Porsche in were also “big dirty lies”.

Achleitner was given a pacifier and slept for the rest of the day after the preview. He’s said to be feeling better after his delusional outburst.

Link: Seriously Though – Porsche Really Came Out and Accused Nissan of Cheating

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