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Updates from MCR – Gearbox Trouble Brewing

April 25, 2008

MCR have been giving their Nissan GT-R one hell of a workout since they got it. It’s making significantly more power than standard, has stacks of bolt on upgrades and has been hitting Fuji Speedway, Tsukuba Circuit, and other circuits nearly every week. On top of this they’ve been punishing it on the tight togue track filming for the upcoming Hot Version 93 DVD.

While a standard car might not flinch at this, the extra power MCR is making seems to be taking it’s toll. Stephen from Skylines Australia forum recently spoke to Kobayashi-san, head of MCR, on this subject and was told that the gearbox is wearing out quickly under the stress and estimates it’s life span at 12 months of serious track punishment on cars making significant more power than standard.

GTRBlog wasn’t able to clarify if the clutches were the problem or if it was the box itself but from other independent sources we’ve heard that the clutch packs in the DSG gearbox are the first weak point in the drivetrain when shooting for big power.

Source: MCR
Photos: MCR and Stephen from SAU

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In other news MCR have been out shooting more photos (see above photo) for the upcoming Option magazine we let you know about early this month. Today they were out at Hakone for some more photos and an interview.

Here you can see they’ve pulled the Endless calipers off the car to check them over. By all reports they are doing extremely well.

Checking out the ARC exhaust and performing another emissions test. I guess everyone is concerned about sticking within regulations these days even if the car is modified.