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Photo Gallery: Shizuoka Hobby Show -Tamiya, Aoshima, Fujimi, Kyosho GT-Rs

May 16, 2008

So the show is in full flight today with the general public finally allowed in to witness the latest models on display. The GT-R models are numerous and we’ve seen a lot of them already. Here we’ll get a look inside the show itself and checkout the Tamiya booth. We’ll also head over to Aoshima’s booth and check out their and Fujimi’s progress with their GT-R models. Lastly we’ll see what else is cooking that we haven’t seen before until now.


First stop is Aoshima. As you may know we gave you the heads up back in April that Aoshima was working on a GT-R model for release in July. So the bad news is they aren’t done yet. What they did have on display was a real early mock up. So far it looks like Tamiya is way in front in the “plamodel” race in terms of quality and completeness.

It’s too early to give a full preview of both but you can read about it come July when GTRBlog get’s hands on with all the kits.


Fujimi are also planning a GT-R model for July release. At the show they had one of their works in progress as well. Probably around the same stage as Aoshima it’s really hard to say how good each finish product will be yet. It’s cool to see the stages these things go through before they become finished products though.


As seen yesterday, Tamiya are light years ahead of the other plamodel manufacturers with their product ready to hit shelves next month! Their kit is already in manufacturing and even has an accompanying photo-etch kit available as an optional upgrade.

Here are some fully assembled GT-R models they had on display at the show. These are all 1/24th scale plastic models.

Here’s a detailed photo set of the parts that make up the Tamiya GT-R. All painted individually.


Apart from the plastic models Tamiya also had this extremely slick 1/10th scale RC Nissan GT-R based on the TT-01 Type E chassis which is an electric motor 4WD chassis with LED light setup. These are an established chassis and lots of upgrade parts are out there already for this.

This is probably one of the most exciting models at the show apart from the Kyosho SuperGT gas powered cars.


These pics snapped by GTR-World show Kyosho also busy making die cast scale models of the GT-R to go with their awesome GT500 cars we saw the other day.

Image Source: GTR-World.net

You know a hobby show is serious when REAL GT500 cars show up!

So conclusions?! I guess I’ll probably be spending a lot of money over the next two months on new toys to sit on the shelf and collect dust.

Thanks to all who provided photographs from Shizuoka this year!