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Photo Gallery: Malaysian R35 GT-Rs Getting About

March 26, 2008

Everyone loves a good look at what other countries are getting up to. Over in Malaysia while the Singaporeans are busy giving their drivers a bad name they’re busy importing fresh R35 GT-R’s into the country.

This first one is well known in Malaysian enthusiast circles as the KCE 5 car owned by SPS (Safety Performance Style) is the first R35 in the country. It’s a black edition premium and doesn’t the owner look happy!

The second one in the country is a white premium owned by a chap named Leonard. Donovan Chin snapped these photos while the car was parked and he was in the right place at the right time.

Here are the rest of the photos. Thanks for checking this out and thanks to the Malaysian Skyline guys on Zerotohundred.com forums for posting these up.

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