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Photo Gallery: Daikoku R35 GT-R Club Meet Up Close

July 30, 2008

Well as we reported the other day, the biggest monthly meetup of Japan’s R35 GT-R Club was held on Sunday 27th July and 40 GT-Rs turned up. Some people are sporting some minor modifications on their GT-Rs already and we now have a bunch of photos of those guys up close.

Click through the jump to see the rest of the photo gallery from Daikoku parking area.

First up it’s the carbon rear spoiler seen first on CBA-R35 blog. This is apparantly a custom carbon item but Mine’s make a very similar part if you have the money. I like the Nurburgring sticker a lot and have some being made up for giveaways to readers soon.

Next is the GT-R we actually did a seperate story on the other day. He has painted his standard wheels in time attack red-striped black. He also has fitted up some Mine’s Low Down springs to his standard suspension and some Recaro SPG seats in bright red.

Tinted blue headlights are an interesting effect.

We have a pretty big variety of front lips going around now. This black one is from Zele.

How about a front end comparison with these two red R35’s parked next to each other. One with full red face treatment and one standard.

This car had lots going on. BBS LM-DBK 20″ limited edition wheels, Zele International front bar with a duct behind the license plate, carbon grille fascia, custom mesh, customised/ducted Zele front lip, Zele carbon NACA ducts and finally a 5Zigen exhaust.

Obligatory sticker spec cars…

Big brother, little brother…