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Photo Gallery: Arios R35 GT-R Body Kit

March 23, 2008

Arios have been hard at work with their GT-R after taking delivery at the end of January giving it a custom look that stands out from the crowd. Some of the parts they have come up with so far with pricing in Japanese yen are:

  • Carbon fiber sidestep side skits – 105,000 JPY
  • Carbon fiber front lip spoiler – 148,000 JPY
  • Carbon fiber engine cover – 73,500 JPY
  • Carbon fiber NACA duct covers – 63,000 JPY
  • Custom nose cover – 52,500 JPY (FRP) or 68,250 JPY (Carbon)

The nose cover is an original idea being that it’s designed to go over the existing front panel and is colour coded to match the bodywork. The result is an extreme change in look for the front end. This isn’t so obvious on a black car but on white cars for example the change is dramatic.

Arios also removed the R35’s front GT-R emblem and replaced it with an oldschool emblem from a Skyline GT-R KPCG10 a somewhat popular modification on legacy GT-Rs and something I can relate to as I had done the same on my BNR34.

They had fitted a huge GT wing previously but as you can see have now removed it and put the stock wing back on. Coming soon is a rear under spoiler.

Work In Progress Pics

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