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SEMA Preview: 360Forged / ASR Engineering GT-R

October 30, 2008

Came across this today, the 360 Forged / ASR Engineering Nissan GT-R looking smart in a pre-SEMA photo shoot. Another take on the centre exit exhaust, this time with some solid brushed metal plates filling out the rest of the rear underspoiler. We can also clearly see what is probably a transmission cooler peeking through the side where the standard exhaust was and possibly a diff cooler on the other side. Underneath are fins making a sort of rear diffuser.

Centre exit exhausts seem to be gaining popularity as more and more are getting around. Upsides of a centre exit exhaust are that it does leave two big holes for your oil coolers to slot neatly into. They also tend to save a bit of weight by reducing unnecessary piping heading off to each side.

What’s the verdict? More photos after the jump…

Source: Chuck from NAGTROC

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