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Phoenix Power’s R35 GT-R Upgrades

April 28, 2008

Phoenix Power SPL have updated their offerings for the Nissan R35 GT-R recently and pricing is now released. They have a three stage offering as of now including:

  • Stage 1 – Speed Limiter removal (ECU reflash) and dyno power run. 105,000 yen.
  • Stage 2 – Step 1 plus muffler exchange, ECU tune (Fuel map, ignition map, IN/EX valve timing, and throttle map optimisation) car will still run standard boost. 134,400 yen.
  • Stage 3 – Step 2 plus ECU tune for boost increase plus boost controller install. Still in development but should cost around 155,400 yen plus the cost of a boost controller.

Phoenix Power are charging 10,500 yen on top of this to perform the ECU removal in their workshops in Fukui and Kyoto or alternatively you can mail them your ECU much the same way as other workshops like Mine’s are doing it. Great if you’re overseas!

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