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Password:JDM Rear Wing Finished, Carbon Roof Preview

February 8, 2009

Password:JDM have wrapped up (or should that be unwrapped) the final revisions on their dry carbon rear spoiler for the Nissan GT-R. We’ve written on this one and showed some pre-production shots in the past but now here’s some photos of the final product.

The rear wing weighs just 4.4 lbs (2kg) and is available later this week. We’ll have some photos of this fitted up to Steve from Password:JDM’s own GT-R this coming week provided the weather co-operates.

Next on the cards for Password:JDM is a dry carbon roof replacement. The great thing about carbon roofs is they look great and remove weight from the top of the car lowering the center of gravity. The last carbon roof we saw saved 11lbs (5kg) here so it will be good to hear what results Password:JDM have in that department. Of course the last carbon roof we saw can’t actually be bought separately.

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