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Password:JDM Get Busy In the Back of the GT-R

February 2, 2009

Some people love the Nissan GT-R but Password:JDM love it enough to strip it down and get busy with the interior. We’ve seen some great exterior and engine bay parts come from these guys but we’re about to see them take a new direction.

Steve Naing, managing director of Password:JDM, has a personal kinship with dry carbon fibre having worked with it for years. He’s also a huge fan of the Nissan GT-R with one caveat;

I really love this car … my only complaint is that there is too much plastic in the GT-R. If you were blindfolded and taken as a passenger through a road course, you would not be able to distinguish the GT-R from a true super car. Take off the blindfold and seeing all the plastics neutralizes the WOW factor for me…

Planned is a complete re-architecting of the rear interior section beginning with a dry carbon center section and speaker enclosure. Next, the rear seats will be replaced with dry carbon buckets allowing the owner to also remove the rear seat belts saving up to 20 pounds overall. After that the entire centre console from front to back will be evaluated and carbonised if possible.

So great things on the horizon for GT-R owners and carbon fibre lovers from Password:JDM so stay tuned. Check out our previous Password:JDM articles to get a feel for the quality of their parts.

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