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Password:JDM Dry Carbon Wide Front Fenders Coming Soon

July 12, 2009


Ever thought about upgrading the tires on the GT-R but been dissatisfied that you had to have staggered sizes due to not being about to fit the same ultra wide tires at the front that you can easily accomodate in the rear?

When choosing tires, staggered sizes can often result in outer diameter differences between the front and the rear of the car. This can lead to issues with the ATTESA system and cause various fault codes and conditions to be thrown.

What you REALLY need is giant tires on the front and the rear to both dial out that understeer AND get all the power to the ground in the most efficient way possible.

Cue Password:JDM who thought of exactly this when designing their new full dry carbon wide body front fenders for the Nissan GT-R. The primary goal was to allow the client to go up to a massive 315mm in both the front and the rear.

Finishing up the final prototype now we expect to see some prototype shots very soon so we’ll keep you guys in the loop.

Link: Password:JDM Website