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R35 GT-Ring – Japanese Tuner Magazine: Review

November 16, 2008 Comments off

It’s time for a GT-R related magazine / book (or mook for short) review since I haven’t done one in a while. Today’s subject is the R35 GT-Ring magazine from News Publishing Co of Japan. The mook format is great and gives the book a big glossy magazine feel which ideally suits the content.

The focus of this mook is the Japanese Tuner scene that has sprung up around the Nissan GT-R since and even before it’s launch in December 2007 as well as Nismo’s Tokachi 24hrs entrant.

There’s features on many of the big name tuners our readers will be familiar with such as Mine’s, Zele, Power House Amuse, MCR, Midori Seibi Center, HKS Kansai and Top Secret. There’s also some features on parts manufacturers such as Blitz, Endless and Yokohama.

While much of the text is in Japanese, don’t let this turn you off, the book is filled with some 139 pages of the best photography to come out of the Japanese tuner scene so far and makes the perfect coffee table book.

I give this one 4/5 and put it in the must have category for GT-R owners and fans.

Name: R35 GT-Ring – Japanese Tuner
Publisher: News Publishing Co Ltd
Price: 1,500 yen or about $15 plus shipping
Size: 139 pages
Order From: Hobby Link Japan (English)

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SEMA 2008: Status Racing / Z Car Garage Nissan GT-R

November 4, 2008 Comments off

Z Car Garage was given an extremely tall order when they were handed the keys to this customer owned Nissan GT-R just a week ago. A truck load of parts supplied by GT-RR also arrived with the car and they were tasked with putting it all together ready for SEMA in a handful of days.

A few sleepless nights later, after what was a very smooth build, we have the Status Racing Z Car Garage built Nissan GT-R show car. Modifications include:


  • Zele Carbon side skirts and rear underspoiler
  • Zele Carbon grille
  • MCR Carbon front lip spoiler
  • MCR Rear LED Side markers
  • OE Nissan JDM Clear front side markers
  • Premier Protection matte black vinyl over front lip
  • Premier Protection clear vinyls over carbon parts



  • Status Racing carbon fibre racing seats w/leather and alcantara trim
  • Black Alcantara headliner


Loads more photos after the jump, click the read more link below to see them!

Source: Z Car Garage, check out their Z Car Blog for a build diary
Link: Status Racing Home Page
Link: Z Car Garage Home Page

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August 20, 2008 Comments off

Our old friend Ben Linney from GTC has just released the much anticipated news release for his new online superstore for Nissan GT-R enthusiasts and owners. Opening up at a URL synonymous with success for many Nissans and GT-Rs throughout the years,, the website is ready to serve European owners and others worldwide. GTC has already been serving customer after customer as far away as Dubai, Singapore and Malaysia and now it’s even easier to deal with them.

Ben has had the privilege to be the first owner of a Nissan R35 GT-R in the UK and as such has already been featured on GTRBlog many times as well as in other media such as Fifth Gear, and Car Magazine. Since then Ben has modified his GT-R significantly choosing the best Japan and the US’s tuning houses have to offer.

Check out the full press release after the jump.


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GT-R Customised Street Event with Option Magazine

August 1, 2008 Comments off

Suzuka Circuit (Mobility Land) in cooperation with Option magazine are holding the R35 GT-R Customised Street event at Suzuka Circuit over August 23rd and August 24th. This co-incides with round 6 of the 2008 SuperGT series, the 37th annual POKKA 1000km race at Suzuka so the turnout will be huge.

R35 GT-Rs from every top Japanese tuner will be out on display at Grand Prix Square just outside the circuit. There will also be a demo lap on the track.

Tuners featured will be, Zele International, Autech Tsukada, Garage Yawata, Garage Defend, Esprit, HKS Kansai, Original Runduce, Sunline Racing, Concept, Blitz, Garage Sauras, Midori Seibei Center, Garage Active and MCR! One word for this, woah. It’s probably the biggest GT-R event since TAS in January with more GT-Rs.

Link: MobilityLand GT-R Custom Street Event

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Mine’s Carbon Radiator Shroud

July 17, 2008 Comments off

Time for Mine’s to join the ranks of those workshops offering carbon fiber radiator shrouds for Nissan R35 GT-Rs. Already are HKS Kansai and Zele International offering these, Mine’s makes three. We first heard of this back in early June but we have now got this photo of the development version. Made from dry carbon this will no doubt be a top quality product as all Mine’s gear is and demand a top shelf price.

Official pricing not yet announced but we will keep you up to date when it is. Until then enjoy these new hi-res shots from Mine’s.

Source: Mine’s

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Sunline Exhaust for GTC’s GT-R

March 30, 2008 Comments off

Ben Linney has stepped on the very slippery slope of spending big money on his GT-R already and has a magnificent Sunline GTspecEX Titanium exhaust on the way from Japan. He put up some photos on the GT-R UK forums for us to drool over until it arrives in the UK.

He also received some HKS Kansai racing tow hooks which we hope he never needs to use and some HKS Kansai lowering seat rails.

Update Link: One more image from Sunline – a close up of the exhaust tip

Huge Update from Osaka Automesse Thanks to

February 12, 2008 Comments off

Thanks to the guys at for bringing us some good coverage of Osaka AutoMesse which was held over the weekend, 9th – 11th of February. Some very interesting pics can be found at their photo gallery but I’ve mirrored a few on GTRBlog so that we can comment on them. Follow the continue reading link below for more pics and details on the GT-Rs that appeared.

First up we have some the HKS Kansai R35 GT-R looking suspiciously similar to what we saw at TAS. There are some subtle differences however…

Continue reading – follow the link below …

Link: Continue Reading “ Brings Us Updates and Photos from Osaka Automesse”

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Thanks to the guys at for bringing us some good coverage of Osaka AutoMesse which was held over the weekend, 9th – 11th of February. Some very interesting pics can be found at their photo gallery but I’ve mirrored a few on GTRBlog so that we can comment on them. Don’t forget to click the images for larger versions. Also don’t forget to check out for the rest of the photos as I am not posting them all here.

First up we have some pics of the HKS Kansai R35 GT-R looking suspiciously similar to what we saw at TAS. Not much time has passed but at least we are now seeing HKS Kansai floor mats. The car is now equipped with:

– HKS Kansai mats
– Recaro RS-GS seats which is a change from TAS where it was sporting some Recarco JC / JJ seats

Next we have the Matchless Crowd Racing (MCR) red hot GT-R. As we have already seen over the past few weeks MCR have been developing this car and modifying it in terms of brakes, suspension , exhaust and wheels.

Now we get to see it looking quite good with the Enkei RPF01 type RC wheels which just so happen to be the exact same as what the Endless R35 GT-R was wearing at TAS back in January. So lots of Endless’ hard work paying off it seems.

Also we can see a close up of that ARC exhaust tip.

Mine’s R35 GT-R is up next and finally I got to see what their carbon rear spoiler looks like. This was not on display as far as I saw at TAS but it looks amazing. Also thrown in for good measure is a carbon fiber front lip. Not a great deal more is different here.

Interestingly the Mine’s aero mirrors have been removed from the car… What’s the deal?

More pics of this car at

We also have the Fujimura Auto R35 GT-R. I hadn’t personally seen this car before but I was kinda perplexed when I saw what they had done.

Sure they fitted up some great Work VS wheels and some nice Recaro seats but what’s that on the dash??? Yes it’s an ashtray! Apparently the Nissan option ashtray in the center console isn’t too convenient for Fujimura-san so he’s gone and invented this!

Last but not least we have the Harrison R35 GT-R, still looking as badass as ever. Not much has changed here but still worth a mention:

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100+ R35 GT-Rs at Japanese R35GTRClub National Meet

June 6, 2010 Comments off

R35 GT-R Club

More than 100 R35 GT-Rs gathered at Laguna Gamagori in central Japan for the R35GTRClub National Meet this Sunday.

I’m sure it should be one of the biggest Nissan GT-R meets ever held over the world. Not only were fellow members of R35GTRClub there but, demo-cars from Kansai Service, HKS, NISMO, Nordring, TommyKaira, and Hashimoto Corp turned out as well.

Enjoy some of the pics taken at the meet.

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Mine’s Carbon Grille and Exhaust Outlet Surrounds for GT-R

August 25, 2008 Comments off

Mine’s have extended their range of decorative carbon parts this week with the release of their carbon grille and carbon exhaust outlet surrounds. Competing tuners already have parts similar so Mine’s will distinguish themselves as normal by creating exception top level quality parts.

Pricing is 59,850 yen for the grille and 98,700 for the exhaust outlet surrounds. These will be available at all international Mine’s distributors shortly.

Source/Link: Mine’s

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