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FIA GT 2010: Sumo Power GT Announce Drivers for Second GT-R

March 23, 2010 Comments off

As we get closer and closer to the first race of the season, Sumo Power GT have confirmed their full driver lineup for the 2010 season. Along with Michael Krumm and Peter Dumbreck who were previously confirmed back in February, Warren Hughes and Jamie Campbell-Walter will also drive the 600 hp R35 2010 GT1 spec car this year.

Both drivers got to take the GT-R for a spin this week at Snetterton Circuit in Norfolk, England and immediately felt the potential of the new car.

Warren Hughes is a veteran GT racer who’s spent the past nine years in either GT or Touring car racing, won LeMans in the LMP2 category and entered another five 24 Hours of LeMans. A busy man no doubt and he’s excited to be on the team driving the GT-R.

“When I first heard about the FIA GT1 World Championship and the venues it visits I immediately wanted to be involved … Once I had been invited to test with the Sumo Power GT team I was really hoping that I would be offered a seat, so to finally secure a drive is a fantastic opportunity.”

– Warren Hughes, Sumo Power GT Driver

Jamie is no first timer either having spent the last 13 years racing in FIA GT, British GT Champs as well as five forays into the 24 Hours of LeMans race.

“I’m over the moon to be get the drive with Sumo Power GT this season and it’s great to be involved with a new championship and a new team right from the start. I’m looking forward to being back in a GT Championship, especially one which visits so many good circuits in so many different countries.”

– Jamie Campbell-Walter, Sumo Power GT Driver

The next outing for the new R35s and drivers is coming up at Silverstone Circuit next week during the last testing session before the teams pack up and head to Abu Dhabi for round one.

Link: Sumo Power GT Website
Link: FIA GT World Championships Website
Source: Planet LeMans

SuperGT 2010: Suzuka Preseason Testing

January 20, 2010 Comments off

SuperGT teams competing in the 2010 championship were given an opportunity to stretch their legs in their 2010 spec cars at Suzuka circuit.

While the HSV-10 was out and about getting all the attention, the GT-R teams are slipping some slight body updates under the radar.

The front fenders are standardizing on the waved single piece design which debuted late in 2009 season on the IMPUL and ADVAN cars. This was never adopted by the Nismo team during the 2009 season but they look to have made the move now.

The rest of the car seems much unchanged except for the return to being car #23 instead of running the championship winner #1 tag.

Should be a very interesting season up against Honda! We’ll keep you guys updated as we have for the past seasons!

Update: We found some updated timing direct from Suzuka circuit. The quickest cars on the track were the 5 Lexus SC430s that ran as quick as 1:53.14 seconds (Petronas Tom’s #1).

Interestingly, Nismo also ran the FIA GT-1 spec Nissan GT-R at Suzuka with Michael Krumm driving. Comparing laptimes between the two reveals just how important the downforce on the GT500 cars really is. The 600hp GT1 car only managing a 2:01:132 behind the 500hp Nismo GT500 car’s 1:54.787.

Source: SuperGT via

FIA GT 2009: Nissan GT-R Shows Some Great Pace in Final Round

October 25, 2009 Comments off


After qualifying for 8th place on the grid for today’s final FIA GT round for 2009, the GT-R was making some great pace in the race. This round would be used to test the development of the car so far, in particular, the latest aero upgrades and new rear wing.

By the 33rd lap Michael Krumm was in 4th position overall and pitted for a driver change. Shortly after Darren Turner took the wheel however he began to notice odd readings in the tire pressure sensors. A rear brake caliper had stuck and was generating a lot of heat causing the tire pressure to rise.

The team changed out the caliper to correct the problem but the time taken to do so had put them out of competition for a great finish.

“The car felt even better today and was going so well. It is such a disappointment that we had this brake problem. It is easily fixed, and will not be a problem in future, but for this race it is such a shame. We could have finished… well, I don’t know where, but it could have been a really good result for us.”

– Michael Krumm, Nismo Driver

The team will continue development of the Nissan GT-R 2010 GT1 spec car to begin competitive championship racing in FIA GT season 2010. We’ll keep you posted when we find out which teams will be fielding them next year.

Click the Read More link below to read the full race report from Nismo…

Photos: (C) DPPI via FIA GT

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FIA GT: Nismo GT1 GT-R to Appear at Final FIA GT Round 2009

October 17, 2009 Comments off


FIA GT Championships for 2009 is set to wrap up at the conclusion of round 8 this coming weekend of the 24th and 25th of October. The race, to be held at Zolder Circuit in Belgium, will also be the last of the four rounds that Nismo will enter the 2010 GT1 spec Nismo GT-R into for 2009.

The Nismo team will use Zolder in order to further enhance development for the completion of customer spec cars. Next year, the car will return in the hands of race teams to join the competitive field of 2010 FIA GT World Champions GT1 class cars.

We were able to improve the GT-R further since the Spa round and are now getting much closer to where we want the car to be for next year’s FIA GT1 World Championship. Of course development will continue, but I believe we have a very good baseline now and it will be interesting to see how our car handles the very challenging Zolder circuit.

– Michale Krumm, NISMO

Following on from their great success at the 24hrs of Spa in July, the team has held three private test sessions in England to continue tweaking and preparing the car for performance and durability so they’re keen to see how it does.

The changes to the car that will be seen at Zolder include some aero revisions and a new rear wing design.

Click the Read More link below to read the full press release from Nismo…

Source: Nismo

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SuperGT: Nissan High Res Photo Gallery of Round 6 Pokka GT at Suzuka

August 30, 2009 Comments off


Nissan have published their 10 strong photo gallery in high res from SuperGT round six at Suzuka from last weekend. A couple of good shots that are certainly background worthy for some so inclined.

Check out the gallery and read the full, official race report after the jump…

August 23th, Suzuka Circuit (Suzuka city, Mie prefecture)
Round 6 of SUPER GT, the “INTERNATIONAL Pokka SUMMER SPECIAL” (Suzuka 700km Race) took place at Suzuka Circuit. After qualifying 2nd, the HASEMI TOMICA EBBRO GT-R (#3 Ronnie Quintarelli/Hironobu Yasuda) ran a strong race to take the second step on the podium. In addition, the MOTUL AUTECH GT-R (#1 Satoshi Motoyama/Michael Krumm), which had qualified 12, finished 6th, protecting its position at the top of the championship points’ standings.

Source: Nissan Motors

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SuperGT 2009: Nissan GT-R Second Place Finish for Round 6 Pokka GT at Suzuka

August 24, 2009 Comments off


In only the second round of 2009 SuperGT season not to be won outright by a Nissan GT-R, the SC430 Toyota campaigning KRAFT team has pulled out a pole to win victory for the 700km Pokka GT 2009 race at Suzuka Circuit. Not to be forgotten however, the #3 Hasemi Tomica Ebbro Nissan GT-R GT500 entry was right behind it managing second place in the long day of racing.

The second place position for this round gives team Hasemi Motor Sport 18 total points for the weekend’s racing. This pushes them into 5th place overall in the team rankings due to their win in round 4. Not a bad thing at all considering their unlucky streak in other races of season 2009.

The #12 IMPUL Calsonic Nissan GT-R entry was the next best placed GT-R on Sunday, finishing in 5th. Surprisingly however, it was closely followed by the #1 MOTUL Autech GT-R which was weighed down with 86kg’s of success ballast making it the heaviest car on the circuit. They began the race from 12th place after a fuel problem in qualifying so to come away with 8 points all said and done is not a bad outcome.

Starting from P12 Motoyama had a tough first stint as he showed to have a good pace that would allow us to run quite at the front, but as he was stuck behind another car, we saw our race kind of slip away already. With over 80 kg of Handicap weight in the car (heaviest car in the field), there was no way to overtake today.

– Michael Krumm, #1 MOTUL Autech Driver – Team NISMO

The race itself was incredibly hot and sticky for the teams, drivers and cars. On track temps soared up to 50 degrees Celsius (122 F) and a fire in the pits involving the #8 ARTA NSX compounded the troubles with confusion and safety car periods.

The results overall for teams are positive however, team Nismo extends it’s lead out by two more points to be 7 in front of nearest rival Petronas TOM’s. Hasemi Motor Sport’s improvement means that two GT-R teams in the top 5 will make for a great latter part of the season as we count down just three more races to go.

Let’s hope the GT-R can make back to back championships for this year so fans get another big party at Nismo Festival 2009 at Fuji Speedway.

Speaking of Fuji Speedway, the next race, round 7 is headed back to Fuji for the second time this season for September 13th. We’ll keep you updated as always here on

FIA GT: 2010 GT1 Nissan GT-R GT1 Podium Finish at the 24hrs of Spa

July 27, 2009 Comments off


A great result for the 2010 GT1 specification Nissan GT-R in it’s biggest test to date in the FIA GT championship season of 2009 – the 24hrs of Spa endurance race in Belgium this weekend. The 2010 GT1 specification GT-R is a significant change over the current season’s GT1 specification and has more weight and less power to get the job done.

The GT-R began the race from 8th position on the grid, already a great achievement and finished 13th overall and 3rd in the GT1 class overall. Of the 2010 GT1 specification cars entered in the race, the GT-R was 1st place.

Overnight the team was battling it out maintaining 4th – 5th position overall and was seriously considering an overall podium place, a mammoth achievement. It wasn’t to be however when the car had a mechanical issue around 6:30am leading to a 90 minute pitstop which cost them 15 positions.

They re-entered the field in 19th spot and clawed back those places without further mechanical troubles.

“Not one of the drivers made a single mistake throughout the 24 hours, and that is something really special, especially in such tricky conditions. We had oil on the track, we had water when we were on slicks, we had all sorts of changing weather. It was slightly disappointing that we missed an overall podium – but if you’d told me before the race that we’d be in with a chance, I’d have said, ‘Come on, that’s not realistic.’ I am really proud that we finished and I’m much more relaxed now about the NISSAN GT-R’s final race of the season, at Zolder. Spa was the main test for us, and we now know we can last 24 hours!”

Michael Krumm, Nismo

In further GT1 GT-R news, the team has announced the previously undisclosed final race for the 2009 development season will be on the 25th October 2009 for round 8 at Zolder in Brussels.

You can read the entire press release from Nismo after the jump. More GT-R specific photos hopefully to come from Nismo / Nissan in the coming week.

Images: (C) DPPI via FIA GT

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FIA GT: Nissan GT-R Qualifies in Position 8 for Spa 24hrs

July 25, 2009 Comments off


A “slight” headlight upgrade sees the GT-R ready for night racing and the 24hrs of Spa which kicks off today. The GT-R put in a good showing in qualifying in typical Spa weather. That is crazy… sunshine plus sudden thunderstorm… light rain and then torrential downpours.

On slicks in light rain the GT-R, Michael Krumm put in a great effort for position eight on the grid on just his second lap. The very next lap was looking good for sixth or seventh put was aborted due to sudden heavy rain

…when I was on my next lap, I was scheduled for about P6 or P7, but just 2 corners before the start/finish line there was suddenly a “curtain” of water right in front of me. It was a rather amazing experience. It was very unreal to see this heavy rain just starting at exactly one spot. Of course when I entered this curtain of water with slick tires, there was no way to continue even one corner so I had to abort the lap…

Michael Krumm

While the grid position is good, it means very little in a 24hrs endurance race where strategy matters far more. The goal here is still just finishing.

The race can be watched live online at thanks for Gigawave.

Images: DPPI via FIA GT
Link: – Live Action Stream from 24hrs of SPA

FIA GT: Nissan GT-R Returns to the 24hrs of Spa for Round Four 2009

July 21, 2009 Comments off


The highlight of the summer for the FIA GT 2009 championships is coming up this weekend, the Total 24hrs of Spa in Belgium. This race marks the third out of four total races that the 2010 GT1 specification Nissan GT-R is entered in this year as part of the development program. This year is not the first time a GT-R has contested the Spa 24hrs, back in 1991 the Zexel Group A R32 GT-R won the race outright. While this year it’s all about developing the Nissan GT-R for the 2010 championship season and just finishing the grueling 24hrs, it’s sure going to bring an smile to European Nissan fans faces to see the GT-R back out there.

The FIA GT1 specification Nissan GT-R has come quite a ways since the program inception and has now over 10,000 km of track testing under it’s belt. Team Nismo / Gigawave seem confident that reliability is improving every race but, while they did finish round #3 at Oschersleben in Germany, there is a very big gap between that and a 24hr endurance event.

Spa is one of the most challenging tracks in the world. Full concentration is required on every corner here not to make a mistake. Because many corners are extremely high-speed, a mistake normally means the end of the race. Hence to race for over 24 hours at Spa is extremely exciting. Our target is of course to make it over the whole distance, not an easy target for a new car, but we will do everything in our power to achieve that goal. The Nissan GT-R is getting faster and more reliable at each event and so we hope to make another step forward for this all-important race at Spa!

– Michael Krumm, Driver, Nismo

To bolster the ranks for the race, Nismo have added ex Formula 1 driver Anthony Davidson as the third driver for the race. Overall it should be a great race, the circuit is amazing, the weather is unpredictable and the GT-R is involved.

Check the Nismo press release after the jump…

Images: (C) DPPI via FIA GT
Link: FIA GT Related Stories on

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FIA GT 2009: Round 3 2010 GT1 GT-R Nissan Finishes First FIA GT Race

June 21, 2009 Comments off


Well not the best finish but it’s the first race they’ve entered and finished and only the second race total in the brand new 2010 GT1 specification FIA GT Nissan GT-R at the Oschersleben Circuit this weekend. The Nismo team qualified in 10th place on the starting grid and were happy with the car’s performance:

“The Nissan GTR feels good around the tight corners and we were able to improve the car steadily in the run up for qualifying. Finally we ended up in P10, this time only 2.8 seconds away from Pole Position.” said Michael Krumm “That sounds a lot but considering our cars disadvantage by running the 2010 regulation and the additional 40kg or additional weight that we had to take on for Oschersleben, it was quite a good effort.”

The race began with Krumm driving in the dry but by lap 17 the rain began to fall on parts of the circuit. The Nissan pit in at lap 33 to switch to wet tires and Darren Turner took the wheel. During early racing the GT-R had advanced as much as 8th position.

Unfortunately, at turn 3 on lap 57 the GT-R spun and ended up in the gravel. This cost the valuable time and race positions, they pitted to swap drivers again and the car went back out to finish.

The GT-R finished the race in 14th place outright. Not amazing but they finished and that was the goal for today’s race and they have to be pleased with it.

“Our target for [the race] remains unchanged, we will mainly focus on bringing the car home, something that we unfortunately were not able to do in Silverstone at the first race.” said Michael Krumm

Photos: (C) DPPI via FIA GT