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GTC’s Standard R35 GT-R Makes 520hp on Dyno

February 13, 2008 Comments off

First UK owner Ben Linney has put his new R35 GT-R on a Dastek 4WD Dynonometer at Perfect Touch, Hoddesdon, England. Making over 457hp of power and 444lbft of torque at the wheels the dyno estimated peak power at the engine was 520bhp @ 6617 rpm. This is extremely impressive considering that Nissan has rated the engine good for just 473hp.

They have also had the GT-R out on the drag strip against the Corvette. Still waiting to hear the results of this though

Source: GTR Register UK Forums

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Forge Motorsport Release Intercooler Upgrade for Nissan GT-R

January 22, 2010 Comments off

Forge Motorsports have finally released their anticipated intercooler upgrade kit for the Nissan GT-R. The upgrade turns the tables on the conventional GT-R intercooler design. Instead of two cores side by side this uses one long tube and fin core above another in a single long unit. The core size is 740mmx250mmx100mm. The benefits of this design are a greater overall volume and reduced pressure loss versus the standard intercooler. Overall the whole setup actually works out lighter than standard also with around 0.9kg shaved off the cooler and pipework setup.

In terms of performance improvement, Forge Motorsports noticed more area under the curve when dynoing this against a stock intercooler with improved cooling as well. With the standard cooler air intake temps were around the 43 degree C mark, with the Forge Motorsport cooler this dropped to 32 degrees C.

Everything you need for installation is included in the kit at just £1,800 GBP plus shipping. For UK residents that price is minus VAT.

Thanks to Ben @ GTC-R for the tip off.

Link: Forge Motorsport R35 Intercooler Product Page

Works Bell Paddle Shifter and Quick Release Kits for Nissan GT-R

November 21, 2009 Comments off


Those looking for a complete solution to fitting racing steering wheel to their Nissan GT-R now have a viable solution all in one place with these Works Bell bundles.

The first bundle includes the world reknowned Works Bell Paddle Shifter NEO Universal, a tilting Works Bell Quick Release, a special short steering boss / hub for the R35 GT-R manufactured by Works Bell and associated wiring harness to make the whole thing work with no issues.

The paddle shifters are manufactured in carbon fibre and are fixed to move with the wheel. This is quite a change from the standard operation of the GT-R’s paddles which are fixed to the steeting column and don’t move when you steer. While some prefer the fixed location paddles these tend to work better on the circuit.

The Rapfix GTC quick release included here is a tilting model that does not fully detach. This allows the driver to get in and out of a full race bucket with ease without fully removing the wheel. A suitable Works Bell short boss kit is also included.

The second bundle also includes the same carbon paddles but comes with a RapFix II quick release which allows the wheel to be fully detached, terminal conversion kit and again the proper Works Bell short boss kit.

Both of the bundles from The Tuners Group also ship with the Airbag Warning light defeater to prevent annoying dash warnings once the airbag wheel is replaced.

For more information browse through the related links at the following URL…

Link: Works Bell Paddle Shifters and Quick Release Kits @ The Tuners Group Website

Akrapovic Evolution Titanium Exhaust for Nissan GT-R

October 11, 2009 Comments off


Akrapovic have now completed their highly anticipated titanium Evolution exhaust for the Nissan GT-R. This exhaust encompasses the full system from the front / Y pipes back and deletes the secondary catalytic converters on the way.

In doing so the entire exhaust loses 17.3kg in weight due to the titanium construction and simplified silencer setup, total weight is 14.3kg. The exhaust gas flow is also enhanced greatly by a the larger diameter piping resulting in some signifcant horsepower and torque gains. Horsepower is increased by up to 17hp @ 6260rpm while torque is increased by 56.1Nm @ 2600rpm (41.4 lb/ft).

The exhaust will retail around the 5,890 Euro mark.

Thanks to Ben @ GTC Racing for the tip off.

Link: Akrapovic Official Website


Forge Motorsport Radiator Reservoir for Nissan GT-R

September 4, 2009 Comments off


From the guys who brought you the, now ubiquitous, Forge Motorsport upgraded wastegate actuators for the GT-R comes the newest addition to the GT-R tuning parts lineup. The Forge Motorsport radiator header tank for Nissan GT-R.

This header tank has about twice the volume of the standard item and is manufactured in 3mm aluminium for strength. It features internal baffles and is up to just about any high pressure radiator cap you can find including the Nissan OEM SpecV cap rated at 1.8 bar.

No price yet, but expect this to pop up soon at all Forge Motorsports distributors.

Cheers to Ben @ GTC-R / for the heads up on this one.

Cobb AccessPORT for Euro Spec Nissan GT-R Now Available

July 2, 2009 Comments off


Suffer no more Euro GT-R owners, the Cobb AccessPORT is now available for your Nissan GT-R! Thanks to the hard work and forsight by GTC-Racing based in the UK, who spent hours road and dyno testing, the AccessPORT can now be yours and features, as expected, two stages of power upgrades just as the overseas models do.

The net performance gain for each AP stage is:

Stage 1, 97 RON Fuel:

  • +63 hp and +70 lbft of torque

Stage 2, 97 RON Fuel:

  • +70 hp and +90 lbft of torque

So the Euro spec Cobb AccessPORT features not just those two maps but also the following purpose built maps:

  • Anti Theft (security mode, car will not start)
  • Valet Mode (reduces rev limit and power level, so car cannot be driven aggressively by others)
  • Stock Style (normal tune with only speed limiter removed)
  • Economy (maximum fuel economy mode, sacrificing performance for better fuel economy)

There are also tonnes of other extremely useful functions like:

  • Re-flashes ECU through factory Data Port (OBD)
  • Ability to uninstall and revert back to original (stock) ECU data
  • Ability to store multiple maps on unit, allows switching between maps at user’s convenience
  • Ability to read DTCs (trouble codes) from the ECU, BCM, Multi-AV, IPDM, Pre-crash Seat Belt, Meter/M&A, and Adaptive HL computers
  • Ability to clear DTCs (trouble codes) from all vehicle computers including infamous “Bonnet Light”
  • Ability to update reflash maps as improvements become available
  • Firmware is Internet updatable (new features may be added as they become available)

All up the Cobb AccessPORT is a bargain at £750 + VAT and is available immediately through our friends at GTC-R / who can be contacted through their website linked below.

Link: Cobb AccessPORT available at GTC-R
Link: Videos from GTC-R on Euro GT-R Tuning
Link: GTC-R Nissan GT-R Tuning Guide


Euro Spec GT-R Cobb AccessPORT Coming Soon

June 1, 2009 Comments off


Good friends of ours at GTC are assisting the testing phase for the European spec Nissan GT-R Cobb AccessPORT as of right now. Their brand new Euro GT-R has the prototype maps installed and is undergoing road and dyno testing this week. We’ve been told to expect it any moment for delivery into the eagerly awaiting hands of the European GT-R owners.

Good news for those who feel the GT-R could be just that smidge better … or even those who feel it could do with a whole lot more actually …

While you’re here you may as well check out some pics of the GTC-R development car below, nice stickers!

Source: Thanks to Ben @ GTC-Racing and

JUN Auto Custom Kit VR38DETT Engine Internals

May 25, 2009 Comments off


Well we had a little tidbit of info back in March regarding this but now we’ve heard that pre-orders are being taken for the JUN VR38DETT engine internals and it will be known as the VR38DETT Custom Kit. The kit should contain:

  • Billet conrods
  • Billet pistons
  • Billet crank shaft
  • Upgraded cams

The first 10 prototype kits are expected for September 2009 delivery and will sell for 1,575,000 yen in Japan. Expressions of interest on the first 10 kits are being taken but not deposits yet.

Those keen should contact their local dealer of JUN parts like GT-RR or GTC who I thank for passing on this info.

Link: JUN Auto Website

GT Channel: Mine’s Boss Niikura-san on New Generation of Tuning Parts and Mine’s SpecV

May 5, 2009 Comments off

GT Channel have had a long friendship with Mine’s and Niikura-san certainly seems to love their cameras. They recently hit up the Mine’s HQ in Yokosuka, Japan to check out what the Mine’s guys have in the pipeline and what their plans are for the new Nissan GT-R SpecV.

As discussed in the video, probably some of the most exciting news which we have touched on previously, is that Mine’s are indeed developing a full engine upgrade called the Mine’s Super Complete Engine. We’re now aware that Mine’s will be shooting for about 600ps peak power but that, in the Mine’s tradition, the power will be delivered very early and in a very responsive manner.

Mine’s have always been about maximum response at modest power levels. That was powerfully evident in the Mine’s R34 GT-R of days gone by. Now by utilizing Mahle forged pistons and titanium I-beam conrods they plan to lighten and strengthen the VR38’s internals to be stronger and more free revving. They’re shaving off more than 300g per cylinder with just these mods.

The second video (after the jump) goes into great detail on the mine’s Super Big Throttle Body coming soon also.

Thanks to Taro from GT Channel for the heads up!

Link: GT Channel – Mine’s GT-R SpecV: Niikura Michizo Interview
Link: Mine’s Website

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GT Channel Interview Mizuno-san on GT-R Launch Controversy

April 23, 2009 Comments off

Sam Mitani, of Road & Track magazine, tests out the Series II Nissan GT-R 0-60 acceleration performance at Nissan’s Tochigi test track. He then sits down and asks the tough questions to Mizuno-san regarding the so called “launch control” function of the GT-R.

Sticking to the letter of the owners manual, Mizuno-san explains that the VDC off mode is and always has been useful only to free the car if stuck in snow or mud and not for launching.

Now that the GT-R has a VDC on “launch control” mode available to current and owners it pretty much takes all the controversy away but stil… Thanks Sam for asking these questions we all wanted to hear answered officially.

Source: GTChannel