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One Lap 2009: Nissan GT-R Still Leads, Porsche Gains Ground

May 6, 2009

One Lap of America - CannonBall GT-R Photo by Motor Trend

Tuesday brought with it two events at Sebring International Raceway and the drag racing at Gainesville Raceway on the Tire Rack One Lap of America. An overall average day for the Nissan GT-Rs who win some and lose some but overall let a little ground slip to the #1 Porsche GT2 of team Cannonfodder.

The overall results table, in order of points looks like this for the top 5 spots this Wednesday morning, 6th May:

  1. #3 Nissan GT-R – Team Cannonball GT-R – 2780 points
  2. #1 Porsche GT2 – Team Cannonfodder GT2 – 2775 points
  3. #4 Subaru Imprezza – 2660 points
  4. #6 BMW M3 – 2590 points
  5. #2 Nissan GT-R – Freedom Autosports – 2485 points

Leg 7 – Sebring International Raceway #1

A great round won well and truly by the #1 Cannonfodder GT2 Porsche taking a 9 second lead for full 315 points in this leg. Sebring being their home track, they were always favorites to win this and the next event.

For everyone else not so at home here, the #3 Cannonball GT-R performed the next best and took second place for leg 7 and 310 points while the #2 Freedom Autosports GT-R had the Nissan’s pesky ECU protection circuitry cut in and send the car into limp mode costing them a load of time and relegating them to 18th and 230 points in the mornings run.

To manage second @ Sebring is quite an accomplishment for Will Taylor in the Cannonball GT-R, by all accounts he had never even seen the track until he raced on it.

Leg 8 – Sebring International Raceway #2

Rinse? Repeat? Same results as leg 7 with the #1 Porsche basking in the home field advantage leading the event for 315 points, #3 Cannonball GT-R in 2nd and the #2 Freedom Autosports GT-R having technical difficulties and finishing in 16th for 240 points.

The trouble with the Freedom Autosports GT-R was theorized as being ignition related, plugs possibly so we will see a come back with luck if they can sort it out. Fortunately the drag racing is next.

Leg 9 – Gainesville Speedway – Low ET Drag

This is about as simple as it gets, a 1/4mile drag race, lowest ET wins. The #2 Freedom Autosports Nissan GT-R with Switzer P800 kit installed, in a conservative run made the best pass at 11.286 seconds. Good enough for first and was followed by the #3 Cannonball GT-R with an 11.393 second pass.

The Porsche only managed an 11.778 but was good enough to get it into 3rd spot.

Leg 10 – Gainesville Speedway – Bracket Drag

Bracket drag racing is not so simple but is a great test of a car’s consistency to repeat performance down the 1/4 mile. Unfortunately none of the GT-R teams managed to make it past the first round, nor did the Porsche GT2 so all three teams took the equal number (290) of points from this round.

Tuesday’s wrapup: GT-R 4, Porsche 4, Corvette…

Probably won’t bother listing Corvette anymore.

Today’s Racing

Today brings us to Daytona International Speedway for two rounds of racing followed by a MPG competition. Should be a good day racing but not sure exactly how the GT-Rs will fair against the hybrid in the MPG challenge…

Stay tuned for updates and checkout CannonballGTR.com for videos, data, and photos from the events in a more regular fashion.

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