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Nurburgring: GT-R V-Spec Testing vs. Corvette ZR1 Testing

April 10, 2008

Rumours of GT-R V-Spec testing on Germany’s famed Nurburgring under 7 minutes 30 seconds are popping up in more and more places. Sources close to Nissan engineers on the ground are being tight lipped but still confirming under 7:30 right now with the goal being 7:25 before they’re done.

The timing of the V-Spec testing couldn’t be better though as Corvette’s 620 hp ZR1 just so happens to be in town too.

Internet forums aren’t taking the reports of the V-Spec’s times lying down, already in uproar over the standard GT-R’s official 7:38 lap time some were banking on the Corvette ZR1 to muscle it’s way past the GT-R and humble any V-Spec Nissan engineers could come up with.

It’s not turning out that way though – with spies in Germany pinging the ZR1 at turning a fast but not fast enough time in the 7:40s around the ‘ring. We won’t know the real story until it’s all said and done but I for one am not predicting heroic enough things from the ZR1 just yet.

Sources: Autoblog, Edmunds, WorldCarFans
Link: ZR1 Nurburgring Testing Video
Link: GT-R V-Spec/Spec-V Spy Photos

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