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Nurburgring 2009: 7:26.7 – Nissan Responds to Porsche’s Comments With Action

April 24, 2009


Today Porsche have released a Nurburgring lap time for the 2010 Porsche 911 GT3. Even minus the snails, this Porsche can really motor packing 435 hp and one of the most tuned chassis that money can buy. Via Motor Trend today we learned that Andreas Preuninger, Project Manager at Porsche announced that it’s capable of a 7:40 Nordschleife lap.

According to Motor Trend though, he goes further, and takes another swipe at Nissan. Apparently he’s quite focused on this test they performed where they couldn’t manage to get a GT-R under 7:54 at the same track.

Nissan says otherwise, and yesterday in testing, at the ‘Ring one upped themselves again bettering their previous best of 7:27.56 by almost a second to reel off a mind bending 7:26.7. They haven’t stopped either, another testing session is today.

Finer details on the GT-R’s new lap record forthcoming later and we’ll be sure to update you.

UPDATE: As you can see here we have photos of the actual testing session from yesterday thanks to Kislik from NAGTROC. It seems this is the most likely candidate to have set this time as it is the only base model GT-R seen on the circuit yesterday. It’s a base Euro spec GT-R with standard wheels and tires.

PS. I know you’re all hanging out for SpecV lap times but Mizuno-san has not agreed to allow any to be published so far. There are many reasons this could be so hang in there.

Source: NissanSportz.com
Photo: Kislik (C) Used With Permission – These are of the testing session yesterday.