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Noteworthy GT-R Drag Times: Our Top Three

November 22, 2008

We’re seeing quite a few guys stateside with their Nissan GT-R’s out at local drag strips these days and some interesting things are happening. The first is, transmissions aren’t breaking in huge numbers like some predicted. Go figure…

Secondly drag times are coming down, whether it’s the cold weather or people are just starting to “get” how to drive the GT-R or a combination of both.

Not Stock: 10.9 ET
Last week we saw the GT-R finally dip into the 10’s when Jotech Motorsports ran a mildly worked GT-R for a 10.9 @ 129 mph. Amazing work with what amounts to intake, exhaust, boost and tuning.

Almost Stock: 11.212 ET
On the more standard side of the street some cool things have been happening as well. FikseGTR from NAGTROC has run his almost standard GT-R at Moroso Motorsports park during a test and tune session. He put in a great effort to see an 11.212 @ 122.24 mph without using launch control. That’s right, no launch control needed. The only modifications he’s running is a COBB Tuning AccessPORT canned tune and a pair of K&N panel filters. Boost level in this tune tops out at 14 psi, less than 1 bar of boost. Good work! Video below.

Bone Stock 11.691 ET
Last but not least has to be HybridMT’s recent record for fastest standard GT-R down the 1/4 mile without using the launch control. He managed a 11.691 @ 120 mph. His 60ft time was 1.90. His GT-R is completely standard without a single modification and his secret to success is, “just mash the pedal in auto mode”.

(Update, bone stock record has since been lowered to 11.67 @ 120mph)

Great work and while we all know the GT-R is not in any way shape or form designed to be a 1/4 mile racer it’s nice to know some people are having fun pursuing it for their own reasons.