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Nordring: Suzuki-san’s Tuning Brand Aero Pricing Revealed

November 12, 2009


Toshio Suzuki, Nissan’s Chief Test Driver launched his own tuning brand Nordring with a bang recently. Opening his workshop in Saitama, Japan he’s now revealed pricing for the various carbon pieces on display during the grand opening event.

There’s quite a few bits and pieces to see so we’ll just dump them in the table format:

Item Price
Front Under Cover Assembly
Includes front lip spoiler, front brake ducts, front under cover.
579,600 yen
Front Mask Cover 115,500 yen
Number Plate Base 37,800 yen
Front Bumper Finisher 46,200 yen
Headlight Finisher 25,200 yen
Front Fender Vent Covers 75,600 yen
Engine Bay Shroud 203,700 yen
Engine Cover 94,500 yen
Hood NACA Ducts 126,000 yen
Side Sill Cover Assembly
Includes side covers, scuff cover, scuff plate, side cover reflector
562,800 yen
Upper rear bumper cover (FRP) 231,000 yen
Rear Underspoiler (for Nordring bumper) 273,000 yen
Rear Underspoiler (for OEM bumper) 283,500 yen
Trunk Lid 336,000 yen
Rear Wing Assembly 865,200 yen
Rear Wing Upper Assembly
Includes main wing and highmount tail light cover
336,000 yen
Rear Wing Lower Assembly 520,800 yen
Mirror Covers 96,600 yen

Some nice looking pieces here with some nice price tags to match.

Link: Nordring Website

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