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Nordring: Toshio Suzuki Tunes the Nissan GT-R with Launch of Own Brand

September 6, 2009


There’s really nothing like the way Suzuki-san can drive the Nissan GT-R through the many turns of the Nordschleife. The laptimes he sets are secondary to the brute force journey he takes each lap to get there. I asked him myself how he does it and he craftily managed to remain humble.

Recently Suzuki-san decided to put the development know how gained from being the R35 GT-R development test driver go-to guy for quite a handful of years now to further use. He’s setup shop in Iruma, Saitama Prefecture, Japan where he plans to service GT-Rs as well as develop a tuning brand.

The shop is known as Nordring and out front hangs a tribute to the GT-R’s 7:26.70 laptime. Inside the theme continues with the actual Dunlop tires used on the record lap time mounted on displays behind the V35 Skyline VR38 drivetrain test mule. The test mule is one of the more interesting exhibits as this is the first time I’ve seen photos of it since very early testing days. Good to know this piece of history is still kicking around.

Suzuki-san’s Nordring brand has already demonstrated the Nordring Aero Kit during the workshop grand opening event attended by many of the R35 GT-R Club of Japan (including Ado-san, club President who rocked up in his SpecV riding on Neez EI8GHT Eurocross-R wheels).

Further plans include developing an original exhaust and suspension components for the GT-R. We’ll stay tuned and keep you guys posted. Until then check out some photos of the launch event thanks to GTRBlog reader Onkyo who attended the event.

Thanks to Mindlessoath for putting me on the scent of this story.

Link: Nordring Corporation Website
Photos: ONKYO @ Minkara