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Nordring GT-R Parts to Bear Authorised GT-R Parts Logo

January 9, 2010

There’s been a potentially interesting development over the past few days on the topic of modifying the Nissan GT-R. Historically we’ve all been aware of Nissan’s dislike of people modifying the GT-R in any way. From ruling it out in the owners manual to voiding parts of the warranty in some cases.

As you may remember, Toshio Suzuki-san, Chief Test Driver for Nissan has set himself up in business producing top end carbon parts for the GT-R.

While checking out their latest website update with new photos of their gear, I noticed they are now sporting this new authorized parts logo. Is it really true that Nissan isn’t just turning a blind eye to modified GT-Rs but actively allowing the promotion of it’s authorisation?

If so it’s quite a step forward and a welcome one I’m sure if they can extend this to more manufacturers?

On the topic of Nordring, Suzuki-san will be at Tokyo Autosalon with a Nordring kitted out GT-R so we will most certainly try and catch up with him and check out his new products.

Link: Nordring Website