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Nissan Spec-V Release Date and Price Firmed, GT-R LM Rumours

November 11, 2008

The Nissan GT-R Spec-V price tag has been set and release date firmed and as we get closer and closer to the date we’re getting more excited to see and drive the Spec-V.

Fortunately the speculation that the release date would be delayed was premature and the release date is again set for January 2009 with first Japanese deliveries beginning February 2009. There will be just 10 units per month built of this variant.

The price tag has suffered a bit with the recent economic stresses and the Spec-V will now cost you 15,000,000 yen. Up 2,000,000 yen from the 13,000,000 yen prediction set early on.

The Nissan GT-R Spec-V will almost certainly be on hand at the Nismo Festival at the end of the month for us to get our first hands on with the car. Expect more details soon but you can now count down the days until you finally see some confirmed, undeniable, Spec-V information.

In other news, the latest information from Japanese motoring mag, Best Car, has it that since Nissan pulled out of the Paris – Dakar rally it’s representation in global motorsports has been pretty slim. Therefore let’s build the Nissan GT-R LM?

Could Nissan be contemplating entering further race series with the Nissan GT-R? We should know a good answer by the end of November as word is it will be announced at Nismo Festival if it’s going to happen at all. The photoshop above is Best Car’s version of an R35 GT-R LM based loosely on the last car to wear the LM Badge the Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R Nismo LM. Long name that one.

GTRBlog is in Japan for Nismo Festival and will be bringing you the live updates on the 30th including any inside info we get leading up to the event.

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