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Nissan’s Series II GT-R Information Officially Official

December 9, 2008

Nissan has officially made the changes we broke to the world almost a month ago public knowledge today. So officially official is the following changes:

  • Engine output up 5ps to 485ps
  • White body colour changed from paint code QX1 to QAB (known as Storm White in Europe and Brilliant White in Japan)
  • Brembo brake calipers rebadged to Nissan
  • Front License plate base removed (JDM falls into line with the USDM here)
  • Gas tank size expanded, 71 litres – 73.8 litres
  • Slightly tweaked fuel economy 8.2 km/L to 8.5 km/L
  • Brake Hose stiffness increased
  • Wheel colour change – Black Edition wheels are now “Real Black Colour”. Premium and base are now the Gunmetal Grey. Silver wheels are gone.
  • Black Edition will now be fitted with the Dunlop tires with a change to the Bridgestone as an option
  • Ultimate Silver paint up 52,500 yen to 367,500 yen
  • Base Model – Up 840,000 yen to 8,610,000 yen
  • Black Edition – Up 892,500 yen to 8,820,000 yen
  • Premium Edition – Up 892,500 yen to 9,240,000

Eerily accurate our photoshop was back in November right? I got a little chill when I saw what Nissan had done there.

Anyway also notice in the photo the license plate is just stuck on the front now with no license plate base. Good move on Nissan’s part as that was ugly.

The wheel colour is also the new “Real Black”.

Source: Nissan

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