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Nissan Japan to Update GT-R Owners Manual Regarding VDC Usage

December 9, 2008

Following on from the US wording in the Nissan GT-R’s Owners Manual regarding the use of the VDC switch on the dashboard, Nissan Japan are following suite for the 2009 delivered Nissan GT-Rs. The new wording will make mention that failures caused due to driving the car with VDC set to off may not be covered under warranty.

This is old news for US owners but new to the Japanese owners and suggests that launch control is still to be found on the Series II Nissan GT-R.

Nissan USA have made in the past made an statement regarding the use of the VDC and the launch control feature and it’s pertinent to mention that here as well:

The singular thing people need to remember is that using launch control does not void the warranty – The warranty clause regarding the operation of the vehicle with VDC turned off states that Nissan will not cover damage or failures of otherwise covered components, IF it can be determined that the use of launch control led or contributed to the failure. The act of using launch control (which requires turning off the VDC) will not automatically void the vehicle warranty. Simply put, the warranty outlines that failures or damage resulting from things such as misuse, accidents, non-factory modifications, etc. are not covered under the factory warranty.
Further, the warranty states that VDC should only be turned off to help when rocking the vehicle when stuck in mud or snow.

Nissan will not void the entire warranty on any of our cars based on one specific issue of one specific component or system, however, a part or system won’t be covered under warranty if Nissan determines that the failure was as a result of misuse, modifications, etc. (as mentioned above).

— Nissan USA statement to North American GT-R Owners Club, October 2008

Source: Nissan Japan

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