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Nissan Japan Announce Seperate Sales of GR6 Transmission Parts

July 30, 2010

Nissan Japan have recently announced updates to the GT-R Owners Loyalty Plan including a revised certified used GT-R program and a special GT-R “Fresh-Up Kit” for those certified used cars. The “Fresh-Up Kit” takes care of a number of items that used GT-R owners might look at being in prime condition when they take over ownership of their pre-loved GT-R like new shocks, springs, engine mounts, transmissions mounts and brake lines.

What might really make used GT-R owners feel more comfortable though is the announcement that Nissan will begin to offer replacement parts for the GT-R’s Borgwarner GR6 Dual Clutch Transmission. At this time, parts will only be offered for sale though three specific GT-R specialist service centers; these are Nismo Omori Factory, Nova Engineering and Nordring.

This policy of selling transmission parts means that what previously would have been deemed an entire transmission replacement worthy fault may now be fixed at a much lower price by Nissan authorized repair centres.

What Nissan’s plans are to take this philosophy overseas into Europe and North America are yet to be seen but we’d love for Nissan to let us know…

Source: Nissan Japan
Images: Nissan and BorgWarner