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Nissan GT-R Test Drive by Disgruntled Australian

May 11, 2009


I try to read every single test drive article that comes down my news feed, even though reading one glowing review after another isn’t necessary for what I do here. I admit I skim a lot of them. This one caught my eye in the first line though, so I paid a bit more attention…

Why did I read on? Well there’s not much else I like more than reading the ramblings of a journalist who writes himself into a corner of contradictions. Especially one who invokes the “my girlfriend didn’t like it” card to get out. An article so full of hot and cold, you’ll forget what the point of it was to begin with…

The point, as I understand it by the big bold heading – “Test Drive” – was to test drive the car. A supercar, for anyone, anywhere, anytime. One would think that any such article would actually involve a supercar test drive. After all, you don’t read much about a test drive of LP560-4 and how it pertains to picking up groceries, do you? I get the feeling that if you did, it may be full of some of the same grumblings that Paul Gover has come up with to describe the GT-R.

If you find yourself with a few moments to spare today give the article a read? Better yet, if you’re a regular GT-R driver or GT-R owner, or even GT-R fan, why not tell us WHY he’s dead wrong in the comments below?

Update: Interesting and relevant quote from Mark Skaife, 1992 Group A championship winning R32 GT-R driver and all round driving legend taken from May 2009 Wheels Magazine added in the comments.

Link: Carsguide Nissan GT-R Test Drive