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Nissan GT-R Supercar: Born to Race Book Release

February 22, 2010

When you take a look at your local bookstore you’re not exactly going to be overwhelmed with material on the GT-R. 99% of the publications dealing with GT-Rs of any sort are produced in Japan for the local market only in Japanese. I have a bookshelf full of this stuff I can only read every third word of….

Since the R35 GT-R’s launch as a prototype in 2005 and finally a global production car in 2007 the global interest levels have risen though and we’ve started to see some interest in knowing more about the history and future of the GT-R and to have that in hardcover form.

This one in particular, Nissan GT-R Supercar: Born to Race by Dennis Gorodji (Veloce Publishing) fills that gap as a comprehensive guide to the GT-R and it’s motorsports record. Covering Skylines and GT-Rs and motorsports from 1957 til 2009 and models from the Prince Skyline ALSIS-1 to the R35 SpecV. With 224 pages and, 400 photos it covers US models as well as European models.

This book contains rare pictures, schemas and graphs detailing the many unique qualities of the Nissan GT-R, a car that revolutionized modern sports car dynamics. Analysis of the motorsport history of the GT-R provides an original view of development of the models, and comparison of them with other sports and racing cars. It features an original and critical analysis of the new GT-R R35, and the R35 Spec V, which will be launched in the beginning of 2009 and is also represented in the book. With over 400 color photographs, this is essential reading for sports car fans.

The publisher tells me this one’s out now so should be able to grab a copy via Amazon.com or the publishers site now. Check out the links below for more on that. If you pickup a copy feel free to send me your reviews!

Also coming soon from the Gorodji’s and Veloce Publishing is The Nissan GT-R High-performance Manual – An international guide to High-performance components by Alex Gorodji. We’ll make another announcement when that one is released later in the year…

Link: Nissan GT-R Supercar: Born to Race on Amazon.com
Link: More info and excerpts @ Veloce Publishing Website