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Nissan GT-R Spec-V Pre-Orders To Begin and Availability Update

December 17, 2008

Nissan GT-R Spec-V, you may have heard of it? Only the most awaited release of 2008 for GT-R fans information about the Spec-V has been leaking slowly from Nissan. Today we learn that pre-orders will start on the 19th December 2008 Japan time. That’s just over a day away. The official release date is still January 8th 2009 with deliveries to follow in February.

When it is available, just 7 national dealerships will be able to sell the Spec-V, and these dealerships are:

In addition to these dealerships, the Spec-V will go on display at these four Nissan Galleries around Japan on January 9th for three weeks:

  • Nissan HQ Gallery
  • Tokyo Ginza Gallery
  • Nagoya Gallery
  • Fukuoka Gallery

The specifications of the Spec-V remain as detailed previously, a few highlights are:

Engine Output: Still 485ps

Despite some other sources saying different, the base engine power is not increased over the standard Series II Nissan GT-R. The addition of the overboost button gives a short increase of horsepower however. Does this equate to the same thing? Not if using it has restrictions such as a time delay in between uses.

Carbon Fibre Brakes and Overall Weight Reduction

The removal of the rear seats, switch to carbon ceramic brakes and some other items contribute to a 90kg loss of weight. The Spec-V weight is now around the 1,637kg mark. The carbon brake system considerably lightens your wallet also with a rotor replacement coming in at around the 4,000,000 yen mark.


Reports are that the suspension mode selector switch will default to R mode or be fixed in R mode. The suspension will be lowered by 10-15mm.

For the remainder of the Spec-V technical details check out our full listing published a few weeks back at the link below.

Stay tuned to GTRBlog.com and GTR-World.net for the next update on the Spec-V when we finally get some production Spec-V photos.

Link: Confirmed Specifications: Nissan GT-R Spec-V
Source: GTR-World.net Special Report

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