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Nissan GT-R Spec-M Still on – Debut Delayed Until 2010

November 23, 2009


It was a little disappointing that the next iteration in the Nissan GT-R lineup did not make it to the Tokyo Motor Show in October as expected. We have heard now that the project had been delayed slightly until 2010. There launch is now expected to be in January, so not too far to go.

The SpecM prototype has been seen by sources in Japan and, from what we’ve been told, many of the previous articles in Japanese car mags check out. This includes the front bumper update, full interior customization as well as some extra trim frills.

We’ve worked up a little photoshop of the exterior front end based on what sources have told us. Note the gold trim and gold projector surrounds in the headlights. The basis of the prototype car was a SpecV GT-R so the wheels (albeit in a lighter shade of gunmetal grey) and brakes were carried over as well.

It needs to be said that the SpecV’s carbon ceramic brakes are optional and a GT-R SpecM with no carbon ceramic brakes is going to be significantly cheaper than the 20,000,000 yen figure being tossed around at the moment.

On the inside, the entire interior of the SpecM prototype is swathed in leather, including the headliner and rear seats which are cloth and vinyl respectively on the lesser models. Material colours and, in some cases the entire material, are of course customizable.

We’re hoping to get to the SpecM launch in January, if all goes as planned stay tuned for more details.