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Nissan GT-R Quarter Mile Record Falls Again – 10.55 @ 128mph

December 20, 2008

If he could John would probably sleep in the back of his GT-R at the drag strip and run it all day long only stopping to drink 100 octane straight from the bowser. Tonight he was back out and back setting records in his tuned Nissan GT-R.

Again at the Orlando Speed World Dragway he’s beaten his own previously set 1/4 mile time record of 10.80 when he managed a 10.55 pass at 128.42 mph. He’s also managed a personal best 60′ time of 1.497.

So what does it take to run a 10.55 in a new GT-R? John is running a HKS GT570 kit which includes intake piping, blow off valves, a boost controller and HKS wastegate actuators. The COBB AccessPORT is running a custom tune and a Harman Motive air intake is installed. To get that power to the ground, John’s running Mickey Thompson drag radials on 18″ Volk TE37s. Tonight the tank was full of 100 octane gas and the ambient temperature was 71°F.

10.55 @ 128.42 mph is a serious pass no doubt, so what’s next for John? A little birdie tells me that it’s not over yet…

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