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Nissan GT-R MY09 Series II GT-R – UPDATE 2

November 17, 2008

Following on from our exclusive news from last week regarding the Nissan GT-R updates for MY09, we’ve received some further information and some exact pricing come next year.

The official announcement will be made by Nissan in early December (8th) but we have received the details early for those interested.

Pricing for the Nissan GT-R in Japan is on the rise as expected and while we gave the figure of 5% last week the actual increase is closer to 10%.

  • Base Model – Up 840,000 yen to 8,610,000 yen
  • Black Edition – Up 892,500 yen to 8,820,000 yen
  • Premium Edition – Up 892,500 yen to 9,240,000

Other changes not in the original post are:

  • Brake Hose stiffness increased
  • Official name for the new white is Brilliant White Pearl and is a shared colour with the new Nissan 370z.
  • Brilliant White Pearl officially replaces the Ivory Pearl white
  • Ultimate Silver paint up 52,500 yen to 367,500 yen
  • Wheel colour change – Not exactly sure on the details of this
  • Black Edition will now be fitted with the Dunlop tires with a change to the Bridgestone as an option

A few more changes are rumoured but not confirmed yet:

  • European specification suspension will be fitted to the Japanese model
  • iPod adaptor and MFD functions will come from the US version to the Japanese version
  • Circuit mode enabled for more locations

We will keep you up to date as more information comes in.

Source: GTR-World.net
Link: Series II – MY09 GT-R Updates Post – Part 1

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