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Nissan GT-R Finally Street Registered in Australia

September 13, 2008

It’s been an extremely long road for Australians wishing to get a piece of the R35 GT-R action. Nissan Australia has still not announced publicly their plans for the introduction of the much anticipated GT-R to Australia in full volume. In lieu of such firm plans a few individuals have invested considerable time and money into personally importing Japanese models and going through the process of making them compliant with Australian regulations.

While there have been significant delays and perhaps even some manipulation at some levels by unknown parties with an interest in keeping GT-Rs off the street, there is now at least one fully legal registered GT-R in the country. Hopefully more will follow as once the first is completed a workshop is entitled to comply 24 further GT-Rs under the new vehicle low volume import regulations.

Currently in Adelaide but originally complied and registered in Sydney, the Pearl White Black Edition GT-R is now in the hands of Willall Racing in South Australia.

As for when GT-Rs will be available in dealerships, we expect to hear a date at the upcoming Sydney International Motor Show in October.

Thanks to Andrew from Skylines Australia forum for the photos.

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