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Nissan GT-R Eligible for Grey Import into Australia under SEVS

January 16, 2008

A GT-R Sits on the docks in Perth Australia destined for a RAWS workshop?

Nissan Australia has failed to stop the inevitable addition of the R35 GT-R to the Australian Special Enthusiasts Vehicle Scheme (SEVS) list meaning grey imports could be potentially be road registered inside the next 12 months. That is providing import workshops (RAWS) can supply evidence that the cars meet or exceed all applicable Australian Design Regulations (ADR).

Once this is done and all the paperwork approved by the federal government, brand new GT-Rs should be eligible for compliance and registration.

Nissan Australia themselves seem to have been the catalyst for this – failing to submit their own compliance paperwork in time to give evidence that they will ever import the R35 GT-R in full volume thus opening this window.

Nissan is rumored to be importing the R35 GT-R in full volume around 2009 but as yet no-one has actually confirmed any more details on this.

Update: The SEVS application was made by Envy Imports in Sydney and their first GT-R is arriving in a month. Another RAWS already has a car in the country however so it is uncertain who will be complying these first.

Link: SEVS Listing for the R35 GT-R

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