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Nissan GT-R Club Track Edition Debut, Photos and Specs from GTR-World

August 1, 2010

Well Nissan weren’t messing around when they committed to having a cup car launched this summer. Here, in all her glory is the 2011 Nissan GT-R Club Track Edition – a joint venture between Nissan, NISMO, Nova Engineering and Nordring in Japan. This special edition GT-R will be available to a special owners / racing club setup in Japan known as The Prestige Club of GT-R. Launching at a inc-tax price of 10,479,000 yen, the Club Track Edition will also require a membership to the aforementioned club, which also comes with its own entrance fee. 2 million yen gets you entry, a assigned car number, two official track meets per year and entry into the annual get-together. The annual renewal fee for your membership is 1 million yen. If you’re still keen after hearing the price tag, you better get in soon because memberships are open now and the closing date is September 20th.

If you’re still reading after all that you’re probably more interested in the specs of the car than the membership fees so let’s see what you get for your 10.5 million yen. Firstly, Nismo are quick to point out, this is NOT a street car normally and while a dual function street/track Club Track Edition is not completely out of the question, they’d prefer you kept this car strictly for track to avoid having to switch out the specific race components.

Five colour options are available when ordering, Brilliant White, Black Pearl, Vibrant Red, Dark Metal Grey and Blue Pearl yep I guess this confirms Nissan WILL be offering a blue on the 2012 Nissan GT-R.

The car comes standard with a 4 point roll cage but an optional 6 point roll cage is available and bumps the price up to 11,130,000 yen.

In terms of upgrades over the standard GT-R, here’s a high level run down…

Safety Equipment Automatic fire suppression system
Bonnet Pins (Hood and Trunk)
Tow Hooks
Suspension 2 Way adjustable Bilstein dampers
Upgraded front upper links
Brakes Brake Air Guides
Management Custom ECM Upgrades
Custom TCM Upgrades
Custom ABS / VCD Upgrades
Electronics NISMO MFD Lap Sensor Kit
NISMO MFD Data Logging Kit
Cooling Front Differential Cooler w/NACA Duct
NISMO Rear Differential Cooler
Exterior Front Lip Spoiler
Front Under Cover
Wheels Front: Rays Forged Aluminum 20×9.5J + 45
Rear: Rays Forged Aluminum 20×10.5J + 25
Tyres Front: Dunlop Direzza Long Life Slick 260/710R20
Rear: Dunlop Direzza Long Life Slick 290/710R20
Engine Power Over 500ps power (over 493 hp)
Over 588 Nm torque (over 434 lb/ft)

So there you have it, as well as being interesting by itself, this Club Track Edition also gives us an interesting look at the 2012 GT-R aero upgrades, so check out the photos in the gallery below…

Source: GTR-World.net (Japanese)

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