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Nissan GT-R by BRANEW: Black Edition Demo Car

February 21, 2009

BRANEW’s design gets attention, there’s no doubt about it and their famous white demo car draws huge crowd at every show it attends. There is also a second demo car, it’s black and we’ve got some new photos of it to share thanks to BRANEW.

You can see here this democar is fitted out with the BRANEW original body styling parts. Up front we have the BRANEW front lip spoiler, a subtle addition to the front end. The BRANEW side skirts are fitted as well which works well against the BW101 22″ Matte Finish wheels. Around back is the BRANEW rear underspoiler center exhaust edition with the BRANEW stainless exhaust.

Overall I think the 22″ BW101‘s suit the GT-R more than the 23″ versions seen so far and also look better on black. Overall a great looking car. Thanks to BRANEW for the photos.

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