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Nissan Australia Gets Legal With Grey Importers

July 25, 2008

Nissan Australia has long since had a bee in it’s bonnet about the Australian import community getting behind it’s product and taking a DIY approach to getting GT-R’s into the country. Their initial internal memo regarding the gathering of intelligence on those who choose to import the new GT-R themselves leaked back in March and since then they have been trying to put the brakes on anyone attempting to bring the cars in.

Recently one recipient of Nissan Australia’s threat against grey importers submitted it to the Empty Wrapper blog and thanks to this we can now see how Nissan intends to protect what it sees as it’s own sole right of importation.

The problem for Nissan is that, in Australia, it is entirely within the law for workshops to import, own, attempt to comply and then sell vehicles for which Nissan have no import approval themselves. Until Nissan gain such import approval the practice seems to continue. As to why these letters are being sent out? Who knows – Nissan Australia are not a governing body tasked with the monitoring of these activities so why are they taking the law into their own hands?

I sincerely hope Nissan are awarded full volume import approval soon because it brings us closer to seeing these amazing cars in dealerships in Australia but they certainly are taking their time about it.

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Source: Empty Wrapper via 2009gtr.com

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