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Nismo S-Tune 370z Officially Confirmed – Two Packages Available

November 9, 2008

The Z34 Fairlady Z, or as we like to call it, the Nissan 370Z is hitting the market any day now. For about a month rumours and photos have been flying around about the Nismo tuned version of it and today we received the the leaked brochure here at GTRBlog.com. While not exactly GT-R related, we thought this might still be of interest to some and so we can now show you these photos from the brochure of the Nismo S-Tune Z34 as well as provide a bit more information.

Two S-Tune option packages will be available with the 370Z straight from the dealership, this aligns with Nissan’s previously announced migration of the light tune business away from the core Nismo business.

The first package is simply the Nismo S-Tune Aero Package and comes with a promise of improved aerodynamic performance, zero lift and higher downforce with an insignificant effect on the drag (Cd) value. The aero package comes with:

  • Extension Nose Piece – Creatively named nose extension for the front bar is designed to remind you of the long nose of the 240Z
  • Front Protector – This is what Nismo are calling the front lip spoilers. Their dynamic design is used to improve airflow around the front of the car.
  • Side Protectors – Nismo say these side skirts are to protect from rocks and mud but we know they’re there to look cool.
  • Rear Spoiler – A large rear spoiler is probably the most obvious part of the aero package. Nismo says it adds downforce at the rear at high speed and that they’ve tested it in the wind tunnel.
  • Rear Fender Protectors – To prevent dirtying your rear bumper according to the official note, but really, we love cosmetic touches like this.
  • Nismo Floor Mats – How could any Nismo produced car be complete without the obligatory Nismo floor mats.

The second package is the Nismo S-Tune Performance Package and gets you several cool upgrades such as:

  • Nismo Stainless Exhaust – A full exhaust designed to increase response and of course give that engine noise we love.
  • Nismo LMZ5 Wheels – A new look Nismo LM wheel especially created for the Z. Named LMZ5 they are a 19″ forged aluminium one piece wheel that remind of the LMGT4. The five spokes have a cutout section nearest the rim however which is one of the key differences over the LMGT4.
  • Nismo S-Tune Suspension – Springs and dampers are upgraded and are more suitable for fast winding roads.
  • Nismo S-Tune Brake Pads – Upgraded brake pads for the standard calipers improve brake feel and performance.
  • Nismo Floor Mats – Again, floor mats, probably nice ones.

Pricing for the Nismo optional extras does not appear to be announced yet. The fully optioned 370Z (Fairlady Z Version ST) comes in at 4,357,500 yen (inc tax) with the six speed gearbox, 4,462,500 yen (inc tax) with the seven speed auto box. Expect the Nismo versions to come at a premium over that in the order of a few hundred thousand yen.

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