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Nismo Launch Nismo Club Sport Package for Nissan GT-R in the UK

November 9, 2009

Nismo have now authorised the first dealership outside of Japan to sell, install and service the NISMO ClubSport Package for the Nissan GT-R. Originally unveiled back in August 2008, the package is designed to enhance the circuit performance of the GT-R but also improve on road handling as well.

Many of the parts were originally seen on the Tokachi 24hrs race car prior to July 2008 and then went on to be part of the SpecV package from the factory. They include:

  • Nismo 20 inch Rays lightweight forged aluminium wheels
  • Nismo Bilstein Damptronic Suspension
  • Nismo Recaro Carbon/Leather seats
  • Nismo Titanium Exhaust System
  • Nismo Carbon Fibre Rear Diffuser
  • Nismo Badging

For specifications on the parts, check our previous article on the details. As for pricing, stay tuned but don’t get your hopes up on discount Nismo tuning parts anytime soon. Still, the move is interesting as it may lead to the opening up of other Nismo tuning parts for Nissan GT-R outside Japan such as the Nismo ECM/TCM released in May 2009.

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Source: Nismo


NISMO Launches “NISMO Club Sports Package” for NISSAN GT-R in the UK

Nissan Motorsports International Co., Ltd. (NISMO) have certified Middlehurst Motorsport as an authorized dealer in the UK to sell “NISMO Club Sports Package” for Nissan GT-R (R35).

The Club Sports Package was developed and put into production through the joint efforts of the NISMO development staff and the NISSAN GT-R development staff. It aims to increase performance at race circuits, but has also given consideration for driving comfort on normal roads so that it can perform well in highway driving situations as well. This is an upgrade menu which provides the highest quality product and performance, so installation, alignment, and other setup-related fees are included. The NISSAN motors warranty will continue by having NISMO Technical Master Technicians who have been trained at NISMO install and set up your package at Middlehust Motorsport, a Nissan High Performance Center.

Middlehurst Motorsport was established in St. Helens, Lancashire, in 1992 by Andy Middlehurst. He and his racing team took driver’s championships in 1995 and 1996 with R32 Skyline GT-R in the National Saloon Car Cup in the UK. This started the Middlehurst story with the GT-R and they were the only dealer to officially sell the R33 and R34 Skyline GT-R in the UK. They started dealing with NISMO in 1996, and have been importing NISMO products for R32-R34 Skyline. In 2008, Middlehurst Motorsport was officially appointed as an R35 NISSAN GT-R dealer, an NHPC (Nissan High Performance Center).